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Face and Body Hair Removal Services

Relax and enjoy in the privacy of a super-clean waxing room. Our experienced and trained hair removal technician ensures your comfort and safety with hygienic hair removal. Serenity Day Spa Studio in Wilmington, NC specializes in professional facial and body hair removal services from head to toe for women and men, through waxing. Whether you are looking to get silky smooth legs that last over three times as long as shaving or need to shape up your eyebrows, we are the place to go in the Cape Fear area.

Choose from face, back, chest, arms, legs, bikini and other hair removal choices. Serenity Day Spa in Wilmington, NC also offers the best in Brazilian waxing for men and women! Get smooth soft skin and look fabulous in any bikini. We only use the highest quality professional brand waxing products and methods that enable the strongest possible bond to the hair while remaining ultra-gentle to the skin to remove unwanted hair without irritation and as painlessly possible. We never recycle wax!

Serenity Day Spa Studio in Wilmington, NC is committed to providing exceptional Face and Body Hair Removal Services to our valued clientele. We aim to provide a fast and comfortable hair removal process with impeccable results every time you visit us. We recommended that you not shave two weeks before your Hair Removal Service appointment at Serenity Day Spa Studio. In addition, after any waxing service, you should properly take care of the skin that’s been waxed by regular exfoliating and moisturizing.

We have affordable rates to get you ready for any occasion or vacation and there is no longer an excuse to go a day longer with unwanted face or body hair. Book a hair removal service with Serenity Day Studio in Wilmington, NC today. Call us at (910) 523-9752 or click here to leave a message.




Eyebrows $15 Full Back/Shoulders $40 Full Legs, Bikini Line and Under Arms $85
Upper Lip $8 Upper Back $15 Bikini Line, Under Arms and Lower Legs $62
Lower Lip $3 Lower Back $15 Bikini Line and Eyebrows $31
Chin $10 Back Neck $8 Brazilian/Butt Inner and Under Arms $63
Nose $5 Front Neck $6 Lower Legs/Toes, Under Arms and Upper Lip $44
Ears $10 Full Legs/Toes $60 Full Face - Includes Eyebrows, Lip, Chin, Cheeks and Sideburns $33
Sideburns $10 Full Legs/Bikini Line $85 Eyebrows, Upper Lip and Chin $20
Forehead $7 Lower Legs/Toes $29    
Cheeks $7 Upper Legs $27


Full Arms $35 Toes $10 Eyelash Tint $20
Lower Arms $15 Bikini Line $30 Eyebrows Tint $15
Upper Arms $15 Deep Bikini $35    
Hands $10 Brazilian Only Front $50    
Under Arms $15 Brazilian/Butt Inner $60    
Chest $17 Butt Inner Only $20    
Full Abdomen $23 Inner Thighs Only $15    




Eyebrows $15 Upper Arms $15 Full Back, Chest and Abdomen $87
Nose$6 Lower Arms $20 Full Legs, Upper Arms and Bikini Line $110
Ears$10 Full Arms $40 Eyebrows, Nose and Ears $24
Cheeks$15 Full Legs/Toes $75 Neck, Eyebrows and Ears $26
Back Neck$8 Upper Legs$38    
Front Neck$7 Lower Legs/Toes $35    
Full Back$50 Inner Thighs $15    
Chest$25 Toes $8    
Abdomen$25 Bikini Line $35    
Shoulders $13 Deep Bikini $45    
Chest Strip $8 Brazilian Only Front $55    
Upper Back $18 Brazilian/Butt Inner $70    
Lower Back $15 Butt Inner Only $20    
Under Arms $20 Buttocks $28    
    Buttocks/Butt Inner $41